08 mayo 2006

Which Serial Killer Are You?

Which Serial Killer Are You?

Jack the Ripper killed six prostitutes in WhiteChapel, England using knives and derringers. He is the first documented serial killer and because he was never caught his legend has had many eyears to grow. His reign of terror in 1888 has leaked through to todays modern world, he is one of only two serial killers to give birth to copycats. Jack has had four copy cats. Because of this killers notery and infamous legend many experts have tried to deduce who Jack the Ripper was, but to this day still no one is close. (This includes the Prince Jack theory). Jack liked to spend a great deal of time at the vicitms body after death (well over an hour) so he could rearrange instestined as he saw fit.If you are Jack the Ripper this symbolizes extreme originality and self dependancy.
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